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Finding Us

For the technically dependent - SatNav Ref - 44.31862°N 0.51170°E

For map readers

From A62 via D666-D146 to Larroque

  1. From Aiguillon take the D666 towards Villeneuve-sur-Lot and continue, passing through the villages of Sainte Radegonde-sur-Lot and Bourran, until you come to the village of Lafitte-sur-Lot. If you come to le Temple-sur-Lot you have gone too far! Turn back and look again for Lafitte-sur-Lot.
  2. The village of Lafitte-sur-Lot is actually just off the D666, so you will need to look out for the signpost and turn into the village. In the centre of the village there is a T-junction with a small roundabout with a blue fountain. Here you should turn on to the D146 towards Lacépède and Prayssas.
  3. Continue along the D146 for some way. First you will pass through the village of Lacépède and then later through the tiny hamlet of Le Burgas. There is then a long straight stretch of road after which you will pass a sharp left turn for the D432 to St Sardos.
  4. You are now virtually there. Just ahead on the right you will see a house with a large cylindrical white gas tank in the front garden. The very narrow track leading to Larroque is exactly opposite this house, with a small sign on the corner facing you saying Larroque. Turn left on to this track and drive down to the house where we will be waiting to greet you.

From Villeneuve-sur-Lot via D911/D666 - D146 to Larroque

  1. You will be going towards Aiguillon from the direction of Villeneuve-sur-Lot, along the D911/D666. You may pass through le Temple-sur-Lot before coming to Lafiitte-sur-Lot. If you reach Bourran from this direction you have gone too far so turn back and look again for Lafitte-sur-Lot. From Lafiite-sur-Lot follow the directions from 2. above.